Friday, 9 September 2016

Make Money Selling Data Bundles and Plans in Nigeria

Hello, i would love to introduce you, to the latest method in which you can use, in making Money Online in Nigeria. I know there are several ways of making money in Nigeria, which includes blogging, etc.

Most of the viral ways of making money online, is by helping to check jamb results and scores for candidates who just finished writing the jamb 2017/2018 computer base test, etc.

Another viral way of making money online, is by creating blogs for small scale businesses and selling it, etc. There are several ways you can virtually make Money in Nigeria, but who knows about this method am about sharing here today?

You can make Money in Nigeria, by selling Data Bundles and Plans. Even banks like Guarantee Trust Bank plc, have embeddled this method, to help them make more money online.

I want to show you, how to make money selling data plans to Nigerians, who surf the internet everyday. Have you heard of;

Mtn data plans?
Airtel data plans?
Etisalat Data bundles?

Internet Data Bundle Plans for MTN Nigeria and their Subscription Codes

Plan Name Service Rental Bundle Size Validity Period SMS Code Target Device
MTN Mobile Daily N100 10MB 24 hours Text 104 to 131 Handset
MTN Daily Internet N500 150MB 24 hours Text 104 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN 250MB Mobile Browsing N1300 250MB 24/7- 30 days Text 109 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN 500MB Mobile Browsing N2,000 500MB 24/7- 30 days Text 110 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN 1GB Mobile Browsing N3,500 1GB 24/7- 30 days Text 111 to 131 PC/tablet
MTN Monthly for Mobile N1000 100MB 24/7- 30 days Text 106 to 131 Handset
MTN Weekly for Mobile N500 25MB 24/7- 7 days Text 105 to 131 Handset
MTN Monthly Internet N8000 5GB 24/7- 30 days Text 101 to 131 PC/tablet
MTN Weekend Internet N3000 3GB 9am Fri – 9pm Mon, 30 days Text 108 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN Day Time Internet N6,000 3GB 9am – 9pm, 30 days Text 107 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet
MTN Night Internet N2,500 3GB 9pm – 6am, 30 days Text 102 to 131 PC/tablet
Below is also Other MTN Data Plans that are Time Based (It is known as the MTN Hourly Plans).

Time Limit Amount Activation Code Validity Period
2 Hours N250 Text 2H to 131 2 Days
20 Hours N1500 Text 20H to 131 7 Days
100 Hours N5000 Text 100H to 131 30 Days
300 Hours N13000 Text 300H to 131 90 Days